Bar Soap: Taking Care of Yourself and of the Environment

When it’s time to talk about ecology and sustainable development, we keep hearing that it’s the little everyday gestures that end up making the difference. Now, the purchase of a handmade soap is a fun way to take part in the fight.

Indeed, not only do you get to take care of yourself, but you also take care of the planet by favoring a soap bar with a packaging that will often be made out of cardboard, and be a lot less bulky than the plastic bottles of shower gel. It is also more easily recycled.

Furthermore, it is easy to use more shower gel than is needed, which increases consumption without necessity. Artisanal soap, on the other hand, is generally air cured during a few weeks, following the traditional process, which gives it a durability that is not found in shower gels.

Thus, we do not only take care of ourselves when we buy a handmade soap!


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