« Yun : des produits de beauté à faire rêver » – Article [in French only] published in October 2015 on the Vagabonde blog by Yara El-Soueidi, columnist and blogger

“I wanted to say thank you so much for the cream [shea body butter] you made me. Thanks to you, I have no stretch marks, not even a little…” – Amel, 32, after the birth of her second child

“Very good product [custom Himalayan cedar scented shea butter lotion] that I would recommend. Your products keep the skin hydrated all day. Plus, they smell really good.” – Abdoulaye, student

“The cushion is so good! I drag it along with me everywhere and I sleep with it! And for the pink grapefruit lip balm (that’s the one I tried), the flavor is there. We can smell it and it hydrates a lot more than what I used to have!” – Fanny, 24, student

“The soap [coffee and peppermint] smells so good that one regrets it is not edible!” – Anonymous, 26, programmer

“The ointment for muscle pain is magic! I am a fitness fan, and I often have heavy legs after a hard workout. Now, immediately as I applied the famous cream, I could feel the benefits of this product. I highly recommend it!” – Joshua, 26, analyst

“Smelling and using the [lavender and oat milk] soap every morning makes starting the day a little better. Thank you for that!” – Julián, student

“Suffering from skin problems, I often had to use special products and organc soaps. Yun‘s lavender and almond soap is the only one that could erase the blemishes and pimples on my face!” – Christian, student